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Title: Invitations
Author: teryarel
Pairing/Characters: Severus Snape, Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Word count: 650 words
Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling. There is no financial gain made from this. This is for entertainment purposes only.
Summary/Prompt: Christmas time is a time for celebrations. Everyone knew that Severus Snape never accepted invitations to Christmas celebrations. Most people would agree that this was for the best of all involved. Most people, that is, except for Harry Potter.
Inspired by snarry100's prompt# 608: Solstice
A/N: Obviously I didn't manage to keep it to 100 words... Also, this story has no beta. If you spot something that doesn't sound right, please contact me.
This is my first two-part story. :)

Everyone knew that Severus Snape never accepted invitations to Christmas celebrations. During his time at Hogwarts he had been obliged to join the festivities, of course, but now after having left the castle and his past behind, the hermetic man had not once attended a Christmas gathering. Most people would agree that this was for the best of all involved. Most people, that is, except for Harry Potter.

One December morning three owls waited more or less patiently to deliver their messages to Severus. The first was Filius Flitwick’s letter of invitation to his annual 'Commemoration of the Roast Hog Massacre of 1639' set at the 29th December, which was as far from a Christmas ritual as any goblin party could only be. Severus knew that his old colleagues would come together for this occasion and he would join them, as was his wont ever since their first reunion in 2005. With a slight nod in acceptance he put the that message aside; he would answer it later.

The second missive was another, much less welcome, invitation - by the Ministry of Magic.
Dear Mr. Snape,
We would like to invite you to our traditional and prestigious celebration of Christmas -
The rest of the letter vanished into thin smoke and ashes as the parchment was set on fire with a well-placed Incendio. Severus heaved a long sigh and took an even longer sip of tea before even looking at the last message.


It had taken Harry Potter a long time to finally get to know Severus Snape. Harry had spoken for the man at his trial, but he had done that out of a sense of fairness. He hadn’t seen the man at all for a few years during which Potter had started and finished his Auror training, rekindled and ended his relationship with the Weasley girl, and set out and returned from a quest or two on behalf of the goblins as compensation for the Gringotts break-out.

A nasty curse had brought Harry to his former teacher’s door, who, under much muttering about idiotic Gryffindors and being only good as a life-saver to saviours nowadays, did just that and saved Harry’s life. Again. It had been a tedious but rewarding piece of work to befriend the man, and in the end Harry’s patience - stubbornness was what Severus called it - had paid off.


Severus recognised the last letter’s sender immediately, once he focused on it. The delivery owl had been an unknown one, but the particular paper it had carried was as renowned as its manufacturer.

Potter and he had had an epic argument about parchment, paper, and the materials’ respective qualities and disadvantages at the very beginning of their acquaintance. Potter had always been using some Muggle, flimsy, white paper and an equally cheap and ordinary ballpoint pen when writing him.

Somehow their discussion had led to Potter actually gathering information about the topic and much later to the establishment of HM2 (Harry’s Magically Hand Made) Quality Papers, a per mill that had taken over a once neglected niche of stationary products. Today, all lower years students at Hogwarts were recommended to buy HM2 supplies instead of the more expensive parchment, which was used in upper classes and for important writings.

Severus opened the neatly folded letter.
Dear Severus,
It would be my honour and great pleasure if you would join me in -
Severus averted his eyes, his hopes warring with a feeling of dejection. “Another Christmas invitation?” He would have to decline such, as Harry was sure to know. At least Severus had thought that the other knew. “Maybe I’m mistaken, after all?” But something in him wanted to believe that his friend knew him better, indeed. So Severus continued to read.
- if you would join me in my first celebration of the Solstice on 21st December.
Severus couldn’t help himself and smiled.
Tags: fluff, harry potter, harry/severus, severus snape
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